Big Red Cat

Tours North Stradbroke Island


Join our Fast 40 Min Passage to North Stradbroke Island. Our large ferry carries 60 Cars @ 300 Passengers in comfort, and is complimented by our fully licenced cafe, Generous undercover parking Less salt spray


BIG RED CAT is the ultimate Car & Passenger Ferry linking North Stradbroke Island with the mainland, Departing from Cleveland. All Day every Day!

Hours: office hours are from 6am to 5pm daily

Map & Directions

12 Emmett drive , Cleveland


From Cleveland Railway station follow the Shore St for 2 Klms turn right at round about onto Passage St then turn left onto Middle St. Middle St runs onto Emmett Drive look for Big Red Sea Stradbroke Flag end of the drive.

Cancellation Policy

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF CARRIAGE The following conditions apply to all persons vehicles and goods transported by us. By travelling with us you are agreeing to the following conditions: 1.You shall at all times follow and carry out all lawful directions of the Master and crew of the vessel particularly in relation to (but not limited to) your personal safety or that of other passengers. You are required to be seated when advised or requested to do so by the Master for any reason. Your vehicle must be securely parked and braked so as to prevent movement. If you fail to do this you will be responsible for any consequent damage your vehicle may cause. You must accept directions of the Master or crew during loading and unloading of the Vehicles 2.The Master or any other authorised person will refuse to take on board any vessel a person who in the Master's opinion may constitute a hazard either to the safety of the vessel or to the safety of the other persons on board that vessel or who in the Master's opinion may be a nuisance or annoyance to other passengers and may require a passenger to disembark the vessel at their sole discretion. 3.We may decline to transport any person vehicle or goods without giving any reason. We may cancel or vary scheduled trip without notice. All vehicles must have current vehicle registration to travel. 4.We shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage (including personal injury) suffered by any person as a result of breach of that person's safety obligations (as detailed in these conditions and/or as otherwise advised by the Master or caused by any passenger acting in an unreasonable unnecessary or unsafe manner. 5.Full payment for the applicable charge must be paid at the time when your booking is confirmed. 6.We are not liable to pay any refund on stolen lost or destroyed tickets. 7.All cargo is carried at owner's risk. Inflammable liquids may only be carried in containers approved by Australian Stan


Our first Ferry service leaves from cleveland at 05 30am and last service of North Stradbroke is at 7 45 pm daily we operate on the hour through out the day Sea Stradbroke Big Red Cat offers you the optimum in comfort, speed and saftey with generous undercover parking,and less salt spray.

Special Events

Book early for public holidays